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Course Curriculum

Advanced Java is geared towards the development of enterprise-level and web-based applications. It encompasses technologies like Servlets, JSP for web development, JDBC for database connectivity. Advanced Java is crucial for building robust and sophisticated server-side applications, making it a vital skill for developers in complex and large-scale project environments.

  • Understanding Java Editions
  • Static vs Dynamic Web Applications
  • Understanding Server and Browser
  • Understanding the terms :
    • Deployment
    • Domain Name
    • Hosting
  • Understanding Helping Program and Dynamic Page
  • Java Container
  • Java Server
  • Understanding Public folder structure
  • Creating first Web Application
  • Project Work

  • Understanding Servlet
  • Creating first Servlet based Web Application
  • Servlet LifeCycle
  • Understanding web.xml (Deployment Descriptor)
  • ServletRequest and ServletResponse Interface
  • GenericServlet Class
  • HttpServlet Class
  • Project Work

  • Need of JDBC
  • DataBases
  • Oracle DataBase Server
  • MySQL DataBase Server
  • JDBC Drivers
  • Understanding DriverManager Class
  • Statement Interface
  • Performing Database CURD Operations
  • ResultSet Interface
  • PreparedStatement Interface
  • ResultSetMetadata Interface
  • Transactions [commit() and rollback() methods]
  • Creating Web Application using JDBC
  • Project Work

  • Understanding the role of ServletConfig
  • Understanding the role of ServletContext
  • Implementing ServletConfig & ServletContext
  • Project Work

  • Understanding SendRedirect method
  • Implementation of SendRedirect
  • Understanding RequestDispatcher Interface
  • Implementation of RequestDispatcher
  • Project Work

  • Setting and Getting scope attributes
  • ServletRequest Scope
  • ServletContext Scope
  • Project Work

  • Understanding the Session
  • Understanding HttpSession interface
  • Setting and Getting attributes in HttpSession
  • Session Handling
  • Project Work

  • Understanding the Cookies
  • Setting and Getting the cookies
  • Working with cookies in browser
  • Project Work

  • Hidden Form Field
  • Url Rewriting
  • Project Work

  • Understanding Filter
  • Filter with a Servlet
  • Multiple Filters with a Servlet
  • Filter with multiple Servlets
  • Filter with a Filter
  • Project Work

  • Understanding Listener
  • ServletContext Listener
  • HttpSession Listener
  • Project Work

  • Understanding JSP
  • LifeCycle of JSP
  • First Web Application Using JSP
  • JSP Implicit Objects
  • Project Work

  • JSP Scriptlet Tag <% %>
  • JSP Expression Tag <%= %>
  • JSP DeclarationTag <%! %>
  • JSP CommentTag <%-- --%>
  • Project Work

  • Request
  • Response
  • Config
  • Application
  • PageContext
  • Page
  • Out
  • Session
  • Exception
  • Project Work

  • Using Try Catch
  • Using ErrorPage Attribute
  • Using XML Mapping
  • Project Work

  • JDBC in jsp page
  • CURD Operations
  • Project Work

  • Syntax of JSP Action
  • Need of JSP Actions
  • Type of JSP Actions:
    • Forward Action
    • Include Action
    • Param Action
    • UseBean Action
    • SetProperty Action
    • GetProperty Action
  • Understanding MVC
  • Project Work

  • Understanding Custom Tag
  • Working with Custom Tag
  • Project Work

  • Understanding JSTL
  • Working with JSTL
  • Project Work

  • Understanding EL
  • Working with EL
  • Project Work

  • File Uploading to server database
  • File Downloading from server database
  • Working with images, pdf and videos from server database
  • Project Work

  • Understanding Mail API
  • Sending mail using Gmail server

  • Project Work

  • Eclipse IDEs

  • Apache Tomcat Server

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Understand all concepts through well-structured assignments.

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Dedicated assistance provided to clarify doubts, featuring two types of instructors: Class Instructor and Lab Instructor.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the technology through project work, guided by your instructor.


Outstanding students deserve the finest learning environment. At INCAPP, we guarantee a superior learning experience and personalized support to ensure your success.

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