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Course Curriculum

Preparing for an Oracle Certification Exam will assess & challenge your ability to think & perform. Earning a highly-recognized & valued Oracle Certification will improve your job prospects & job stability, accelerating your career growth.

  • Describe the features of Java
  • Describe the real-world applications of Java

  • Describe the Java Development Kit (JDK) and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Describe the components of object-oriented programming
  • Describe the components of a basic Java program
  • Compile and execute a Java program
  • Identify the conventions to be followed in a Java program
  • Use Java-reserved words
  • Use single-line and multi-line comments in Java programs
  • Import other Java packages to make them accessible in your code
  • Describe the java.lang package

  • Declare and initialize variables including a variable using final
  • Cast a value from one data type to another including automatic and manual promotion
  • Declare and initialize a String variable

  • Use basic arithmetic operators to manipulate data including +, -, *, /, and %
  • Use the increment and decrement operators
  • Use relational operators including ==, !=, >, >=, <, and <=
  • Use arithmetic assignment operators
  • Use conditional operators including &&, ||, and?
  • Describe the operator precedence and use of parentheses

  • Working with the String Class

  • Working with the Random and Math Classes

  • Using Decision Statements

  • Develop code that uses methods from the String class
  • Format Strings using escape sequences including %d, %n, and %s
  • Use the Random class
  • Use the Math class
  • Use the decision-making statement (if-then and if-then-else)
  • Use the switch statement
  • Compare how == differs between primitives and objects
  • Compare two String objects by using the compareTo and equals methods
  • Describe looping statements
  • Use a for loop including an enhanced for loop
  • Use a while loop
  • Use a do-while loop
  • Compare and contrast the for, while, and do-while loops
  • Develop code that uses break and continue statements

  • Identify syntax and logic errors
  • Use exception handling
  • Handle common exceptions thrown
  • Use try-and-catch blocks

  • Use a one-dimensional array
  • Create and manipulate an ArrayList
  • Traverse the elements of an ArrayList by using iterators and loops including the enhanced for loop
  • Compare an Array and an ArrayList

  • Create a new class including a main method
  • Use the private modifier
  • Describe the relationship between an object and its members
  • Describe the difference between a class variable, an instance variable, and a local variable
  • Develop code that creates an object's default constructor and modifies the object's fields
  • Use constructors with and without parameters
  • Develop code that overloads constructors

  • Describe and create a method>
  • Create and use accessor and mutator methods>
  • Create overloaded methods>
  • Describe a static method and demonstrate its use within a program>

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INCAPP is a leading coding institute committed to providing high-quality training programs to students, professionals, and organizations. We aim to empower individuals with the coding skills to achieve personal and professional growth and help organizations enhance the productivity and effectiveness of their workforce.

Expert Instructors

Top-class instructors, experts in their fields, teach through practical training.


Understand all concepts through well-structured assignments.

Doubt Resolution

Dedicated assistance provided to clarify doubts, featuring two types of instructors: Class Instructor and Lab Instructor.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of the technology through project work, guided by your instructor.


Outstanding students deserve the finest learning environment. At INCAPP, we guarantee a superior learning experience and personalized support to ensure your success.

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