DSA using Java Programming

Data Structure & Algo (DSA) using JAVA

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Course Description:

Data structure is a way of storing and organizing data. Data structure provide a way to process and store data efficiently.

Introduction to Data Structure and Algorithm

  • Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Types of Data Structures
  • Types of Algorithms
  • Time and Space Complexity


  • Single dimensional Array
  • Multi dimensional Array


  • Introduction to Array List
  • Introduction to Singly Linked List
  • Introduction to Doubly Linked List


  • Introduction Stack
  • Example of Stack


  • Introduction to Queue
  • Introduction to Circular Queue
  • Introduction to Priority Queue
  • Introduction to DeQueue

Maps & Sets

  • Introduction to Map
  • Introduction to Set


  • Linear Search
  • Binary Search


  • Introduction to sorting
  • Types of sorting techniques
  • Bubble sort
  • Selection sort
  • Insertion sort
  • Radix sort
  • Quick sort
  • Merge sort
  • Heap sort


  • Introduction to Hashing
  • Collision in Hashing
  • Collision Resolution
  • Hash table


  • Introduction to Tree
  • Examples of Tree
  • Binary Tree Traversal
  • Examples of Binary Tree Traversal
  • Introduction to Binary Search Tree


  • Introduction to Graph
  • Graph Representation
  • Graph Traversal
  • Examples of Graph

Greedy Algorithm

  • Breadth First Search Algorithm
  • Depth First Search Algorithm
  • Minimum Spanning Tree
  • Kruskal's Algorithm
  • Prim's Algorithm
  • Dijkstra's Algorithm

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